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Young Seniors World Team & Individual Championships 2018 - Date Change

VM for yngre senior blir utsatt. 


Dear General Secretary / CEO

I write with important news about the 2018 Young Seniors World Team & Individual Championships.

Negotiations are ongoing with the City of Miami Beach.  While we are confident that a mutually acceptable Agreement is achievable, it is apparent that it will take some time before this is in place.  Event preparations (hotel, transport, function arrangements etc.) cannot be finalised at this time and nor can the ITF confirm the status of Miami Beach as the Event host and open the entry process.  In addition to providing funding to the ITF, the City is investing heavily in facility improvements at the primary Event site (one of two) and plans to upgrade the court lighting on 15 April 2018.  Given that the Event is due to start on 29 April 2018 we are not comfortable with the timeline and certainly without adequate lighting and the ability to play matches in the evening we will not have sufficient courts to complete the competition.

We have therefore taken the decision to postpone the Young Seniors Events to later in the year, with the weeks of 22 October and 29 October 2018  identified as our preferred time period.

Miami Beach 2018, under the management of the ITF, is a highly important project.  Until such time as the profile of Seniors Tennis is raised through increased television and media coverage and is thereby more attractive to sponsors and promoters, then demonstrating the economic benefit of the World Championship Events to cities remains the best opportunity to generate new income and encourage new hosts to come forward.  Presenting this year’s Young Seniors Event to the highest possible standard is a priority for the ITF, and ensuring that the Event and by association the City of Miami Beach is viewed very favourably by all competitors is a priority for the City Commissioners, and may lead to continued support for ITF activities for years to come.

I am sorry for any inconvenience in this instance, but we have concluded that postponement is necessary in order to deliver the best possible Event for teams and players.  As soon as an Agreement is in place we will inform National Associations and uplift the Event from “provisional“ status (i.e. flight and accommodation may not be booked) to “confirmed” status. 

Kind regards

Jackie Nesbitt
Executive Director, ITF Circuits
International Tennis Federation


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